Custom Made

How long does a custom made order take?

A custom made order can take up to 1 month to complete, so please allow this time frame once the design has been finalised and the fabric sourced. It can sometimes take less than 1 month depending on how busy we are at that time.


Can i buy the fabric myself and supply it?

YES absolutely. We often encourage this so you get the exact colour/pattern that you would like and know what your products are going to look like.

We can source fabric and provide samples if you live within the Gladstone Region. If you live outside this area we ask that you provide the fabric to make the process smooth and ensure that you get the product that you want and we will provide you an address to send it to. We happily offer a 10% discount if you supply the fabric for your order.


How much fabric do i need?

Once we go through the design and detail process, we will work out how much fabric is needed and let you know.


Do you offer bulk buy discounts?

YES we sure do! If you order 3 or more products we offer a 10% discount on the total amount.


Do you make men’s neck ties?

Unfortunately we don’t offer this service. Our specialty is bow ties, so for the time being we are sticking with what we know and do best 🙂


Do you make kids bow ties?

YES we do! We make bow ties to fit all young necks. Our standard kids size will fit necks from 25cm through to 32cm, allowing for years of use. We also can make baby/newborn bow ties with the same easy to use velcro closure.


Will the men’s bow ties fit my neck?

Our men’s bow ties are made to fit neck sizes from 36cm all the way through to 50cm. They feature a velcro closure with fully adjustable straps to fit any neck size. If your neck size is outside the range they offer, we can of course custom make the correct size.